MCOT Services
Regular Collections
Within twenty-four hours of transfer, new accounts will be introduced into the MCOT system. MCOT´s first priority is to resolve accounts with emphasis on immediate payment-in-full. Debtors must meet certain criteria for approval of payment arrangements

Legal Collections
MCOT retains a full-time, in-house attorney. Any attorney fees, court costs, or lein fees are collected from the debtor.
Authorization papers are submitted to the client prior to the initiation of legal action. Our legal department monitors accounts to insure the account progresses through the legal process. This process includes service, answers, judgement, and lien.

Accounts Receivable Management & Billing
MCOT has the ability to bill pay arrangement accounts under the client name using our monthly billing service. Monthly reminders are sent prior to payment due dates, and payments are directed to a bank lock box in Atlanta, Georgia. Accounts placed for collection may be reported to national credit reporting agencies to increase the probability of collection.

Interim Management Service
MCOT has employees with many years of experience working as managers in the hospital/physician practice environment available for interim placement.

Patient Accounting Management
MCOT can place supervisory employees in your patient accounting department for interim service.

A/R Billing On/Off Site
MCOT can access your system or download accounts to our system for effective billing and follow-up.

Interim Billers
MCOT has experienced billers for interim placement in your facility.

Information Systems A/R Conversion Billing
MCOT can download your accounts receivable for billing and follow-up to save you time and money when making a computer or software change.

Patient Accounts Departments
MCOT can manage your entire patient accounting/billing office.

Billing Follow-Up
MCOT has experienced billing employees to follow up on any or all insurance plans based on the aging criteria you establish.

Self Pay Follow-Up
MCOT´s billing system can send monthly statements/reminders, send past due notices, and flag accounts for calls when payments are missed or are less than agreed.

Subrogation Account Follow-Up
MCOT will file the necessary documentation to recover monies due your health plan from liability carriers.

All of these services can be performed using your facility name and letterhead. The patient/third party never needs to know that you have outsourced the accounts.

This is an attempt to collect a debt. Any information obtained will be used for that purpose. This collection agency is licensed by the Tennessee Collection Service Board of the State Department of Commerce and Insurance.